About me

I started with an apprenticeship as an industrial mechanic / operating technology at Deutsche Bahn in Ludwigshafen am Rhein. But right after my apprenticeship I realized that it is not easy for a woman in a technical profession, because neither my colleague nor I found a job in our learned profession. The reason given was: " We have nothing against women, but we do not hire any."
That's why I first worked for Deutsche Bahn in the service and announcements department.
After that I took another attempt to get a foothold in a technical profession and did further training in control engineering at the DEKRA Academy in Ludwigshafen. Immediately after my internship I was hired as a design assistant at the company Worm in Mannheim. There I also spent 8 years drawing electrical circuit diagrams with the CAD program E-Plan and wired controls and switch cabinets.

However, because I didn't want to do the same thing all my life, I successfully completed a distance learning course as a management assistant for event, trade fair and congress management and did an internship in the press office and the tourist office of the Hanseatic City of Stralsund. Unfortunately I did not find a job after that, because at the time of my distance learning the profession event management assistant came up as a training occupation and the employers preferred to take someone who had learned the profession and was younger. So I started working at Europa-Park Rust in a hotel bar and then took the opportunity to go to the South of England for 3 months.
After my return I found a job in the sales department of Maplan in Schwerin after some time. I worked there for 6 years until I got married. My husband, however, is not from Schwerin, but from Kirchlengern (Herford district). So I had to look for a new job again. I also found this at Welland & Tuxhorn in Bielefeld.
The long commute to work and the noisy open-plan office, in which you can't really concentrate, made me decide to start my own business as a virtual assistant.

Today, my flexibility and experience in various professions help me to quickly familiarize myself with new tasks.

Please find below my entire CV:

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